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Torenallee 48-20 (Videolab)
5617 BC Eindhoven
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Our Mission

On Data

Helping companies utilise data to its fullest potential in a future-proof manner by embedding data -governance and -quality assessments leaving no room for ambiguity.

On Software

Getting rid of code-complexity once and for all by incrementally improving engineering practices through mathematical soundness, rigid testing and functional programming.

What We Do Best

Correctness and soundness are the common themes in all our work. We're here to make sure your data stays reliable and accessible, and software stays correct, secure and maintainable.

We operate best in situations where we collaborate and help to convert novel ideas or technologies into safe, production-ready environments.

Our open-source toolbox includes Rust, Haskell & Liquid Haskell, TLA+, Alloy, Go, Purescript and React and on the operations side, Dagster, Spark, Docker, Terraform, Ansible and Kubernetes.
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Senior Software Engineer
Eindhoven / Partial RemoteFunctional programming mindset | ♥ Rust/Haskell | Graph Databases | Distributed Systems
Junior Software Engineer
Eindhoven / Partial Remote♥ Rust/Haskell | React/Typescript/Purescript
Data Engineer
Eindhoven / Partial RemotePython | Go | AWS | Kubernetes | SQL | Dagster | Airflow
Data Analyst
Eindhoven / Partial RemotePython | SQL | PowerBI | Tableau
Formal Verification Enthusiast
Eindhoven / Partial RemoteJust give us call or leave us a message!

Join Our Team

We work with a team of dedicated multi-disciplinary professionals in-house and externally to deliver our services and products. Do you want to Join? We're interested in meeting new people, collaborations, partnerships, internships etc. Don't hesitate to give us a call!
Lets work together to end software complexity and data stupidity
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