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Lets work together to end code complexity & data stupidity
Full Join

Joining Forces & Disciplines

Software and data engineering practices are often miles apart, at Full Join, we believe that by bringing these two worlds closer together we can solve common problems, improve quality and share knowledge so that both fields and their customers benefit.

Joining is in our name, we love to collaborate with talented people from different disciplines to exchange knowledge and investigate new opportunities.

Interested? we're hiring and looking for collaboration opportunities.

As more features are built into a software product, it can become unwieldy and unstable. The complexer the codebase the longer it takes to create new features. Complexity can be reduced by embracing a functional architecture that encapsulates side-effects and uses pure functions that are easier to maintain and test.

Software Consultancy

Code Complexity is Your No. 1 Enemy

As the world becomes more digital, people experience the consequences of unsafe and poorly designed software every day. Code complexity is one of the key problems in this space. We believe that by reducing code complexity and enforcing good architectural habits we can turn the tide and start building better and safer software, together.
Data Solutions

Measurement Brings Knowledge

Decisions are based on the interpretation of facts, but where do your facts come from? Have they been transformed? is the information you're looking at correct? These are problems we resolve for organisations every day by governing the entire flow from data to information. We measure and improve data quality, make data transformations transparent and traceable and deliver real-time insights.

To be able to achieve your goals, or abandon them because of a new opportunity requires real-time insight and the ability to pre-act on the ever-changing world around you. We can help by making data available in real-time and using predictive modelling to provide insights on events before they occur.

What we do

Our Services

Hands-on Rust & Haskell

We can help you get going with Rust or Haskell more quickly, whether you want to start gently by exploring, or you seek to jump-start your development.

{Remote} Data Team

Create or augment your data team with the help of our data engineers, scientists and analists. Together we can optimize your data governance, build or enhance your data-pipeline or analyse and visualize your data.

Formal Verification

Today, formal verification for software is very niche, but it's potential for building correct and robust software is enormous. We recently started with hands-on services in the Web3 space and are planning to expand.

Data Engineering as a Service

We handle everything from creating and maintaining data-pipelines to cloud architecture and security. We handle operations for Apache Airflow, Spark, Dagster, Tableau, PowerBI, to name a few. You can also bring your own cloud.

Development & Implementation

Looking for a partner to build and maintain tailored software solutions? We're available to take on projects ranging from small to enterprise-scale environments.

Data Quality Assesment

Let us perform a Data Quality Assessment on your available data, infrastructure and application landscape to determine where quick quality improvements can be made and plan a roadmap for optimal data quality.
Lets work together to end software complexity and data stupidity
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